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    Seso is no more but these days the same team
    and creative spirit lives over here: A Hundred Years.
    Drop on by and see what we're up to...

    So why a new name?

    About a year ago, we started reflecting on our journey as a company in order to better understand what we've learned along the way, and to take these key insights into our future.

    Looking back, it became clear that one key element emerged as a theme in each of our most successful projects: thinking from and working with a long-term perspective. It wasn't the one-off engagements that truly made an impact, we saw that real innovation happened when we worked on initiatives that had a clear long-term vision.

    And that insight led us to picking a new name that cements our new commitment; to ignite a conversation that looks at our world, our challenges and our opportunities with a long-term view, and to approach all of our future engagements with this type of expanded perspective.

    And, why A Hundred Years?

    Just beyond the average scope of a human life, A Hundred Years speaks to what we're all working towards, as well as what we'll leave behind after we're gone. It's a lens that filters out what's truly lasting, and what really matters. It's also a timeframe to help us grasp the kind of change that's possible.

    Only one century ago, world maps carved out entirely different territories, space travel was the stuff of fantasy, and objects of modern convenience were just being conceived. The past hundred years, however, have created a sea change for humanity. Today we live in a globally connected world with an unprecedented amount of information at our fingertips, yet the challenges we face in the century ahead can sometime seem equal to the greatness of our advancements.

    What's next?

    As A Hundred Years, we plan to engage bold leaders and visionary organizations in tackling these challenges head-on, uncovering new perspectives, disrupting existing assumptions and, ultimately, creating game-changing initiatives that deliver long-term impact and meaningful results.

    We're looking forward to creating a community of thought-leaders around ideas relative to the longview. Moving forward, we plan to host quarterly public events, organize intimate dinners with industry leaders and develop an editorial channel dedicated to igniting conversations on this theme.

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    A Hundred Years